Throughout history, we obsessed about our differences more than anything else. This fixation has caused the death, alienation, and exploitation of many. In several parts of the world today, our indignation about people’s differences is still very much alive. Although this is displeasing, humanity has taken great strides in accepting and encouraging individual differences. But we still need to be better.

Accept Individual Differences

In a society based on merit and competition, it makes it hard not to notice each other’s differences.

What makes each of us different internally is very much the result of our socialization process and our experience within an environment. We need to accept that other people may harbour different preferences, opinions, thoughts, skill levels, and reactions than you and the general consensus.

Much of the major conflicts in the past and today are because people do not accept internal variability. An example of this would be the sectarian (religious) violence  happening today due to differences in religious beliefs. In a smaller scale, accepting internal differences will greatly reduce unwanted conflict that arises every day in our lives. This is because much of the arguments we engage in are due to opposing opinions or thoughts.

Accepting individual variability has been beneficary in many sectors, especially in research and science. Not only can we avoid unnecessary conflict by doing so, it allows us to be open to different perspectives and for others to bring forth to the table. Without being accepting of our differences, we are unable to move forward and innovate and personally develop.

Afterall, how exciting life would be if everyone was the same anyways?

Photo credit: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/OBMonkey

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