No one likes screwing up. It feels terrible.

No one likes being told they screwed up. It is embarrassing.

But screwing up isn’t something you planned to do, so accept it as a learning experience. After all  experiencing it yourself is the best way to learn. We can read, listen, or watch how something is done all we want. Being able to personally undergo and encounter how it is and should not be done is the greatest method of learning. How good will you be at driving a car or dribbling a soccer ball without trying it yourself? And how many times have you failed at for each of those but still made it through?

Being told that you screwed up is embarrassing only if you think it do be. Are you afraid that your colleagues, peers, boss, or others will use that against you as a person? To judge you and label you as the “the person that screwed up X”? People are not as judgemental or nasty as we think they are. In reality, what most people really want when they inform you of your mistakes is to make you better. They care to make you better. Everyone has different ways to expressing it, some being more polite and informative than others, but majority of people are not antagonistic towards you.

Everyone wants to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. It is human nature to do so. However, sometimes it cannot be avoided. Learn from these mistakes and cultivate the experience so you can teach others.

A more alarming issue is when nobody informs you any more when you screw up. This means that they don’t care about making you better and have given up. So next time you are told that you screwed up, understand the other person’s desire to help you develop and progress.

Picture by: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/ilco

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